Get Strong!

Having a collection of over 120 different nail colors, it’s safe to say I’m a nail fanatic.  In addition to my nail colors I have collected, studied and reviewed for you guys a few nail strengtheners/base coats.

I can not put enough emphasis on the importance of using a base coat!  Not only will your polish last longer and have a more even surface to adhere to, but your nails will stay protected and healthy!  If you use a lot of dark colors and reds a base coat is crucial as those colors will 100% stain your nail beds!  Why not have the added bonus of a base coat that improves the strength of your nails?  Here’s the scoop on the one’s I like:

First off my very favorite is OIP’s Nail Envy.  This base coat can be a little pricey when purchased at Ulta for about $20, but it really is worth every penny in my opinion.  You can also order it here for half the price.


Nail envy provides maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, stronger, natural nails.  It also turns out to be a pretty stellar base coat.  It dries quickly and applies very easily but instantly makes your nails feel stronger and thicker.  I am seriously in love with this stuff, it’s always is my nail kit and I recommend it to all of my friends who are trying to grow their nails out.

A cheap alternative to OPI Nail Envy is LA Girl Calcium Nail Builder available here or at the Sally store.


I compared the ingredients in this to the ingredients in Nail Envy and they are almost identical.  I feel the LA Girl really does strengthen nails just as well.  The only difference is that Nail Envy does make a much better base coat.  But the price difference is definitely there!

My final recommendation is ACI Growth Spurt.


This little bottle will make your nails grow!  If you have strong nails that grow slow then this base coat is for you.  It strengthens nail keratin and activates circulation to maximize nail growth.  When I used this base coat for a while my nails really did grow fast they just weren’t as strong as they are when I use Nail Envy or LA Girl.  This too, serves as a very good base coat. Buy it here or at the Sally store!

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One thought on “Get Strong!

  1. Great post. I also highly recommend some of the Sally Hansen nail strengthening treatments to people in the UK.

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